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The Squinky: a square rainbow magic spring.
The Squinky vs The Original Rainbow Magic Spring
The Squinky - side view
The Sqinky (4")

The Sqinky (4")

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It's hip to be square.

The Sqinky is bigger than The Original HyperSpring™, yet can do all the same tricks that The Original can, PLUS one: 


The Sqinky is also bigger and heavier than The Original, which makes it more resistant to wind - perfect for using outdoors in any weather!

The Sqinky is suitable for everyone, but especially suitable to humans with very large hands, who can't quite wear The Original as a bracelet. 

If your hands are too big for The Original, The Sqinky is the spring for you.



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Width: 3.875 inches, Length: 4.75 inches