Shipping Suspended to the European Union

Unfortunately, due to HyperSpring Toys being a very small business, we are currently unable to ship items to the EU while remaining compliant with their tax laws.

The EU's VAT (Value Added Tax) law passed in 2021 requires businesses that ship products to the EU to collect and remit a VAT on all orders. If that business is not based in the EU, they must appoint an intermediary third party to register on their behalf and remit taxes for them. 

Unfortunately, the cost of these intermediary services are prohibitively expensive for the small volume of orders we would be sending to the EU. 

If you live in the EU and would like to get into slinky manipulation, I would recommend purchasing one of these off of AliExpress. If you would like to look for more alternatives for decent slinkies for manipulation, use the criteria in this video.

- "Slinky Josh" Jacobs

Founder, HyperSpring Toys

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