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Slinky Josh's Magic Springs is now HyperSpring™!

Slinky Josh's Magic Springs is now HyperSpring™!

Most of you (if you grew up in an English-speaking country) also know the delightfully floppy toy spring that walks down stairs as a "slinky". 

However, Slinky® is actually a registered trademark and a particular brand of toy, despite the fact that most English speakers use the word to refer to any toy spring, regardless of brand. 

Interview with a Chinese Slinky Master

Slinky Master XiaTian

If you were bored on the internet in late 2017, you might have seen this short clip of an Asian dude mesmerizing some children with a slinky.

In the video below, XiaTian tells you his origin story of how he got into slinky manipulation, and even gives you a really quick 3 trick tutorial.

How To Untangle a Slinky

A very tangled slinky

If you've ever owned a slinky, you eventually got it hopelessly tangled and threw it away. This was basically a law of the universe... until now. 

In this article, you'll learn the 3 methods that will allow you to quickly and easily untangle even the tangliest of slinky tangles.