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Very good quality slinky that does not get tangled easily. Started with a long cheap slinky from Amazon and it was fun, but it could not do cool tricks unlike the The Original HyperSpring (3.4"). Has a perfect length to width ratio I'd say. If you are looking to get into slinky manipulation. This is one of the best slinkys to start with. Highly recommend.


I was practicing slinky juggling over a year, but I could not figure out how I can improve my skills. Finally, I found the way! This video course is so revolutionary for me!

Ryuhei Nakamura

I did the research on Amazon, and while they have a lot of options, I don’t believe you’ll find a better product at the same price. The only thing I ask, please, please, please, Slinky Josh, make an intermediary and advanced video course! Slinky Josh’s sense of humor, combined with his talent and knowledge, are priceless!

John Fier

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Slinky Josh's Magic Springs is now HyperSpring™!

Slinky Josh's Magic Springs is now HyperSpring™!

Most of you (if you grew up in an English-speaking country) also know the delightfully floppy toy spring that walks down stairs as a "slinky". 

However, Slinky® is actually a registered trademark and a particular brand of toy, despite the fact that most English speakers use the word to refer to any toy spring, regardless of brand. 

Slinky Master XiaTian

Interview with a Chinese Slinky Master

If you were bored on the internet in late 2017, you might have seen this short clip of an Asian dude mesmerizing some children with a slinky.

In the video below, XiaTian tells you his origin story of how he got into slinky manipulation, and even gives you a really quick 3 trick tutorial.

A very tangled slinky

How To Untangle a Slinky

If you've ever owned a slinky, you eventually got it hopelessly tangled and threw it away. This was basically a law of the universe... until now. 

In this article, you'll learn the 3 methods that will allow you to quickly and easily untangle even the tangliest of slinky tangles. 

No stairs required.

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