Slinky Josh's Magic Springs is now HyperSpring™!

Hello friends (and strangers of the internet),

You may know me as Slinky Josh, the stage name and social media handle I've been using for the past 5 years. 

Most of you (if you grew up in an English-speaking country) also know the delightfully floppy toy spring that walks down stairs as a "slinky". 

However, Slinky® is actually a registered trademark and a particular brand of toy, despite the fact that most English speakers use the word to refer to any toy spring, regardless of brand. 

Because of this, to avoid trademark infringement, up until now I've been calling the springs I sell "magic springs", as that's a common generic term used by other toy sellers. 

And up until now, I've been calling my company Slinky Josh's Magic Springs.

Slinky Josh's Magic Springs logo

While that is nice shiny logo, the springs I sell are not the same as any other "magic spring" on the market, which come in as many shapes and sizes as varieties of baked sweets tempting you at the supermarket. 

The springs I sell have thicker coils and precisely the correct proportions that make them durable, easy to untangle, and capable of a plethora of mesmerizing tricks

Plus, I offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee with everything I sell (twice the length of Amazon's guarantee). 

To avoid any confusion between my springs and other toy springs on the market,  to make sure I don't lose my car, left arm, and pet ferret in a lawsuit with the owners of the Slinky® trademark, and simply to make it easier to say and remember, I've decided to ditch the name Slinky Josh's Magic Springs in favor of HyperSpring.

"Slinky Josh's Magic Springs" put the emphasis on me - but HyperSpring isn't about me. It's about spreading joy and wonder to people of all ages around the globe, through the magic of a simple piece of plastic.

HyperSpring logo

Everything else is the same - I haven't been bought out by some giant multinational corporation, it's still currently just me running things out of my garage, and the springs I sell are still exactly the same. 

Now begins an awkward transitional period where you may still see instances of the words "slinky" and "magic spring" on the website, as well as throughout the Fundamentals Video Course. Think of it like business puberty - you're 6 feet tall and covered in body hair, but still wearing Spongebob underwear. 

Also, I can't very well call the act of using a HyperSpring "slinky manipulation" - any ideas? Maybe "spring manipulation" (kind of a mouthful), "spring juggling" or "springbending"? Let me know any ideas you have in the comments!

- Josh Jacobs


Sarah Spriggs

I like the “springbending” term. :)

Caleb O’Dwyer

What about “HS manipulation” or “Hyper manipulation”

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