Congratulations on your new HyperSpring™!

If you're new to HyperSpring, watch the following video to see the tricks that are possible with one (and two):

If you haven't opened your HyperSpring yet, it may be fused into a single piece. Simply grab the very end of each side and pull apart until the entire HyperSpring unravels. 

 Two hands gripping the very ends of a fresh HyperSpring and pulling apart to unravel it.

And remember - your HyperSpring is protected under an unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee from the day you receive it. 

In order to make the most of your HyperSpring, please observe the following: 

🧠 Watch this 3 minute video now to learn how to untangle your HyperSpring: 

⚠️ Do not allow anyone to attempt the “Traditional Untangling Method” - randomly pulling on it and hoping for the best. This may permanently damage your HyperSpring. 

⚠️ Watch out for the #1 cause of HyperSpring destruction: unsupervised younger siblings. Make sure they know to stop playing with it immediately when it becomes tangled. 

⚠️ If you get a really bad tangle, there is still hope! Watch the video below.

⚠️ In the rare case that your HyperSpring breaks, the ends may be sharp. Be careful! If this happens, the end can easily be filed down on any rough, hard surface, such as concrete.

⚠️ Keep your HyperSpring away from intense heat, like the inside of a car on a hot day. Intense heat may cause your HyperSpring to warp and permanently lose its natural shape.

🧼 Your HyperSpring will accumulate dirt along the coils through normal use. Simply wash with soap and warm water to clean it.

📫 If your HyperSpring breaks after the 60 day guarantee period, send an email to with photos of your broken HyperSpring to receive a discount code for your next purchase.

Finally, let's start learning some tricks! 

The Fundamentals of HyperSpring Video Course teaches you 10 beginner tricks:

  • 3 Easy Kids' Tricks (to get you warmed up)
  • The Basic Energy Beam
  • The Basic Bounce 
  • The Ground Bounce
  • The Spiderman Bounce
  • The Hand to Hand Bounce
  • The Hand to Hand Loop Bounce
  • Ghost Ridin' the Slink

This course used to be sold for $30, but now it's FREE! Click here to sign up for the course for free and start learning!