The GigaSpring™ (Limited Edition)

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Just shy of 1 foot long and 5.5 inches wide, The GigaSpring™ is the longest commercially available spring toy in the universe (as far as we know). 

Fair warning... The GigaSpring is NOT easy to use. It is not recommended for beginners. 

The GigaSpring is very limited in the number of different tricks it can do, due to its extreme length. It is not possible to do tricks where it must counteract its own weight, such as any Flips or the Up-Down Twist. 

However, the few tricks it can do create a really amazing visual effect. 

The GigaSpring weighs in at a whopping 2.63 pounds (1.19 kg).

See below for more pictures, and video of it in action. 

This is a limited edition run of only 18 units.