The Original HyperSpring™ (3.4")

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What makes a HyperSpring unique?

HyperSprings have thicker coils than a cheap slinky, which makes them durable, easy to untangle, and capable of a ton of mesmerizing tricks.

Plus, they're protected by our unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Check out some of the tricks that are possible with a HyperSpring: 

It's EASY to untangle! Just follow these instructions:

It's BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE - take it to the rave!

It can even be worn as a stylish bracelet! Take it everywhere and practice until you're a master! Perfect for festival season!

(Fits best if the widest part of your hand, when laid flat on a table, is 4.5 inches [11 cm] or greater.)

Don't forget to add the FREE Fundamentals of HyperSpring Video Course to your cart so you can make the most of your HyperSpring!

Please note that this IS NOT the spring used in Slinky Josh's YouTube tutorials from 2016-2017 - unfortunately, I have been unable to find a reliable supplier for that size. This one is the one I have been using since February of 2018 - it is slightly larger than the one seen in my YouTube tutorials, for a bigger visual impact!

IMPORTANT UNBOXING INFO: When your HyperSpring arrives, it may be fused into a single piece. This is completely normal. Simply grab the very end of each side and pull outwards until the entire thing is unraveled.

Diameter: 8.7 cm (3.4 in), Height: 9 cm (3.5 in)
Weight: 4.3 oz
***Please note that the single-color HyperSprings (Watermelon Pink, Radioactive Yellow, Kiwi Green) are currently unavailable for shipment to Australia and New Zealand. We apologize for the inconvenience.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews

I am slinkying for a year now and since I am located in EU was ordering slinkies from china. I had at least 30 and only ~4 are to my taste, others are too flimsy. Finally decided to give a chance for hyperspring and the quality is MUCH better. I understand it's millimeters, but what you get is slightly wider and slightly thicker. The balance is perfect!!! If you are thinking about manipulation save yourself some time and money and buy a hyperspring!


Son loves them. Got for 11th Birthday. Fast reliable shipping,
They're super cool , sturdy and vibrant colors.


Solid. Feels good in your hand and doesn't feel like it will tangle or bend easily. You can really throw it around. Also a lot of fun.

Joseph M.

I highly recommend the video course with your HyperSpring if you are looking to do the tricks that Slinky Josh can do, it's a fun course. I can't wait to get good and perform for others. So much fun!!

Kevin Shoemaker

The hyper spring is definitely high quality. I have probably spent 40 hours using it. It holds up to abuse which is great for new slinkanators. It untangles easily, can be thrown around, and doesn’t stretch out or anything. It also looks really cool when you get it moving. It’s such a great little hobby especially once you finish the course. Highly recommend