Twists, Flips, and Beyond - Part I

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Finally, it's here! This fully-digital video course is designed for those with a beginner-intermediate level of skill, who have graduated from The Fundamentals Video Course and can already do a Basic Energy Beam, Basic Bounce, and Ground Bounce with ease.

The course includes lessons on the following (watch the video above):

  • Updated review of the Basic Energy Beam
  • The Trapezoid
  • The Up-Down Twist
  • The Forward-Back Twist
  • The 180° Flip, off the ground
  • The 360° Flip, off the ground
  • The 180° Flip, from compressed
  • The 360° Flip, from compressed
  • The Windmill
  • The Butterfly
  • The Air Bounce
  • The Escalator
  • The Invisible Staircase
  • Fountains (the 180° and 360°, from compressed and off the ground)
  • Doubleslink (several ways to use 2 HyperSprings at the same time)

Enrollment is for life, and includes a discussion section where all of your questions will be answered!

And as always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for 60 days from the date of your purchase. Just complete all the lessons (including the guided practice sessions), and if you're not satisfied for any reason, send an email to for a full refund. 

Any questions? Send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Very good slinky lessons. 10/10 must try


Great course that will save you lots of time if you want to learn the craft. Not only that, it will elevate your mood each time you come back to it! Overall, slinky manipulation is a great find - portable, visual, relaxing, etc. It managed to steal nearly all the time from my other juggling toys.


It was really great to start with the first few lessons. The latter few lessons could have used more "troubleshooting" / "common mistakes" to prevent the form of bad habits. I'm currently stuck on the Butterfly because I feel like I'm doing it wrong and I can't figure out what it is.


I'm having a super awesome experience mastering my slinkying skills with this course!
I definitely highly recommend the course. It is challenging, demanding more effort and still very fun, with step by step instructions and great jokes by Josh. I'm still working on it and waiting for part 2.


Like the fundamental course, this one also is a great experience - you will be entertained and learn a great deal of skills with ease, before you know it... thanks Josh - I'm looking forward to even more skills and tricks to learn in the future! :D