The Bigger HyperSpring™ (4")

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Just like The Original, but bigger!

This HyperSpring™ is the perfect size for walking down stairs, for those with big hands, for those intending to perform professionally, or anyone who wants a spring with a bigger visual impact. 

Yet unlike most of the REALLY big toy springs out there, The Bigger HyperSpring™ is still capable of all the same tricks that The Original is.

It has the perfect length-to-coil width ratio that allows for the unique bouceability and twistability that is often lost in springs much larger than this.

This spring is recommended for people with adult-sized bodies. People with much smaller bodies may have trouble gripping the ends, or pulling with sufficient tension to get the most out of this spring. 

This spring's longer length means it wants to move at a slower rhythm. This also means that it needs to be thrown higher into the air in order to make it flip.

If you want to make it flip more like The Original HyperSpring™, with a faster rhythm, simply break off 2 coils at a time, testing it in between each break, until you are satisfied with the new length. 

Don't forget to add the FREE Fundamentals of HyperSpring Video Course to your cart so you know how to use your HyperSpring!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Diameter: 3.875 inches, Length: 4 inches


Customer Reviews

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Make sure you read the description of this before you buy especially if you have little hands. I feel so dumb not reading before I bought this 😭


These slinky’s are amazing! Super good quality and really easy to untangle and on top of all that they’re so much fun! Really happy with my purchase. 11/10

Richard B.

I like the size of the Bigger HyperSpring and the multi-color esthetic is attractive. It's a quality spring but there's significantly greater sag in the larger model so, unfortunately, it's not as fun to play or practice with.

Hey Richard, sorry to hear you weren't satisfied with it! About the sag: I would recommend breaking off about 6-8 coils, which will increase the tension in the spring. This is what I recommend everyone serious about manipulation do with the Bigger HyperSpring, as it will bring it to a more ideal rhythm for performing any trick where you're letting go of one or both ends.

To do this, simply pick a point and bend the coils back and forth, as if you were creasing a piece of paper. After doing this a few times, twist it off to complete the break. Only take off 2-3 coils at a time and adjust to your liking - you can always take coils off, but you can never put them back on.



The Bigger hyperspring adds a new level to the game. Fun to play at a slower speed.


Not only is this a great slinky, this is a great company. It is rare that you can tell a company wants to do right by their customers, but this is that type of company. You may think, $20 for a slinky seems much, but it's more than a slinky. You need this quality to really learn the manipulation skills and the videos that come with in are awesome! High quality and THEY WORK! I can say, I also had a little problem with my order originally. I didn't even ask for a refund or anything but they offered it anyway. It is not just about making money for this company, but with that said, I hope they do as we need more companies like this in the world.